How to help

You can help by volunteering, mentoring or donating to programs geared toward Texas teens.  

Teens Lives Matter

There are plenty interesting facts about the trouble today's teens face.  Our goal is to help teens address these needs through programs that will foster immediate and long term growth.  


Kids Lives Matter Too!
Our outreach pours over to the kids too.  Although our main purpose is to support teens we love the kids and when there is an opportunity to assist we always rise to the occasion.

Latest project

Miracle Parent is currently serving students in grades 9-12, with a focus on improving the health, education, and social outcomes for teens including pregnant parenting students and their children.  The main goal is to increase school retention and graduation rates. Miracle Parent takes a coordinated approach to school health and student support services.

Find us: 

2705 Swiss Ave., Suite 135, Dallas, TX 75204

Phone:  (972) 863-2823

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